Website images are representative of available finishes and styles, but not necessarily available pieces. We can accommodate any custom finish. Contact for in-stock availability, pricing, and lead time.

Each tree stump table is one-of-a-kind, hand-made in the USA, and air-cured for 2-4+ years. The tables are sculpted from a variety of already-felled, reclaimed trees that are 20-200 years old - count the rings on top to determine the age.


Inspired by the wood clad buildings of the old western mining towns, the metal clad furniture begins with a wooden form. Numerous tiny nails fasten sheets of cut metal to the form. Texture is created by hand-pounding with ball peen hammers. Patina is applied to the metal and the finished piece is sealed with a lacquer topcoat. Any custom design and finish is available. Contact for pricing and lead time.


Kate Cunningham Company was founded in 2002 to expand the manufacture of the natural tree stump tables and metal clad tables, as originally designed by the late artist John Harris (1937-2001), to service high-end retailers, architectural design firms, hospitality, interior designers and collectors worldwide. Having enjoyed a varied artistic path as a visual artist, performing artist, artisan and writer for decades, working with wood and metal proved to be a deeply fulfilling creative fit for Ms. Cunningham. Product integrity and exceptional service are our highest considerations.

Clients include Ralph Lauren, Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom, Gensler


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